Maltese life under the microscope 

Embark on a journey into the heart of the Maltese culture, as seen through the perspectives of students, academics, and locals. From the time-honoured craftsmanship of tile making to the diverse tapestry of cuisine, and from the lively student societies to the enthralling anecdotes shared by lecturers – welcome to the world of ‘My Malta.’


Even more to experience

See what it’s really like to pursue a passion for medicine while enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle


Why study medicine in Malta?

Our graduates receive a Medicine MBBS from Queen Mary University of London, one of the top 10 universities to study medicine in the UK – now in the Mediterranean. Our Malta Campus is a delightful alternative for students who want to study medicine in the UK but seek adventure.

5 students enjoy the sunshine and chat about their studies during student life in malta

Student life in Malta

Your international student life in Malta starts here! Study anatomy on the beach, gain clinical experience then top up your tan, wind down after a day hitting the books with a seaside sunset – these are the hallmarks of Malta student life at Queen Mary, Malta.