What your favourite area of Malta says about you

Discover the islands of Malta and Gozo

Fourth-year student Rafiah Khan gives us a glimpse of these Mediterranean islands you will call home for the next five years. Read her blog below to discover what she had to say about these Malta locations.

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The islands may be small. However, once you start exploring, you begin to learn of all of the beauty and culture tucked away in these islands in middle of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The first location that you become familiar with is Victoria, which is the capital city of Gozo and where the campus is situated.  This is home to most of our student community, and trust me there’s no place like it. If Victoria is your favorite corner in Malta, you definitely enjoy the comfort of home and the spontaneity that comes with living a walking distance from most of your friends! Filled with restaurants that quickly become comfort, and spots like the Citadel which will inevitability hold so many memories, Victoria becomes your home away from home.

Let’s quickly run over to the north of Gozo. If Marsalforn is your favourite, then you definitely enjoy taking long walks by the sea. You’re someone who likes a spot that holds both the busyness of a city and also hidden away spots where you can just enjoy the natural beauty around you.

If San Lawrenz is your favourite part of Malta, then you enjoy the quiet. With sunsets like nowhere else, San Lawrenz and Dwejra Bay especially, holds a special place with anyone who just wants to feel the sea breeze and enjoy the view of the sun melting into the sea. If Xlendi is your favorite part of Malta, then you’re most definitely into water sports and dining with a view. 

“The islands may be small. However, once you start exploring, you begin to learn of all the beauty and culture tucked away in these islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.”

Heading over to the main island

Where Gozo shines in natural beauty, mainland Malta follows with the vibrancy of culture and history. If you’re into history and panoramic views, then Mdina is most definitely your spot. Also known as the Silent City, Mdina’s cobblestone floors radiate with centuries worth of stories.

If Saint Julian’s is your favourite part of Malta then you would be the last one to say no to a night out. The streets of Saint Julian’s most definitely have stories to tell, and they’d play all the best songs while doing so.

If Sliema is your favourite part of Malta then you either enjoy shopping, eating, or walking (or any combination of the above). And naturally, this would all be with a breathtaking view of the sea with colourful fishermen’s boats scattered across it.

Last  but not least, there is Valletta – the capital city of Malta. If Valletta is your favourite part of Malta then you most definitely enjoy live music, the buzz of culture, and having many, many, many options for restaurants. 

Medical student Rafiah Khan
Medical student Rafiah

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We hope that you enjoyed the whirlwind tour of our islands provided by Rafiah. Should you wish to learn more, we have a whole section dedicated to this gem in the Mediterranean. 

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