Living in Malta: a driver’s perspective

Discover the tranquil lifestyle in Gozo through the eyes of a local driver

Gozo is an island known for its stunning scenery and peaceful way of life. For Marcel, a driver with years of experience supplying transfer services to students and visitors of Queen Mary, Malta Campus, Gozo is much more than just a picturesque destination.

Proud to be peaceful

Marcel, a proud Gozitan and has had the opportunity to travel all over Europe but says there is nowhere like Gozo.

“People come here to escape the noise and chaos of city life and enjoy the tranquillity the island offers,” he says.

For Marcel, the perfect way to relax is by spending time with loved ones or tending to his fruit-producing fields. He also suggests checking out local coffee shops, such as Nobel in Victoria.

“Gozo is a place to escape the fast-paced world and unwind.”

Why come to Gozo?

“Come to Gozo to relax, hit the beaches, and in the evening, grab a drink or a bite at a bar or restaurant,” Marcel explains. “Don’t forget to visit natural wonders like San Blas Beach and Dahlet Qorrot.”

As a seasoned driver, Marcel says the safety and welcoming atmosphere of Gozo as standout features. This, combined with its breath-taking scenery and slow pace of life, he says Gozo a truly special place to visit and live.

“I’ve travelled all over Europe and there’s just no place like Gozo.”

Still not convinced?

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