Graduation 2023: What sets Gozo apart for aspiring medics?

A UK degree in the Mediterranean, but what else is on offer…

At Graduation 2023, we asked students and staff to share their thoughts on what makes Gozo and Queen Mary, Malta an exceptional destination to study medicine. Is it the island’s Mediterranean climate? The state-of-the-art facilities? The impressive student-to-teacher ratio? Or something entirely different? Get an exclusive glimpse into the location benefits of studying medicine in Gozo in our latest video.

Nurturing the student experience

Dr. Maria Aloysia Abela, Associate Dean at Queen Mary, Malta was first to answer.

“I think the students are really, really well cared for here,” says Dr. Maria Aloysia Abela, Associate Dean at Queen Mary, Malta. “Even though it’s a larger school, we prioritise the well-being of our students. Choosing to live here offers a significant advantage—life in Gozo is much calmer. In just five minutes, you can grab your books and laptops and study on the beach. The advantages are plentiful.”

For Abigail McLeod, the Student Experience Coordinator, added to the sentiment: “What do students like most about Queen Mary, Malta? It is the sense of space that they can breathe. They don’t feel like they are living in a major city with no space. The countryside and the beaches provide that sense of space to unwind in between lessons and studying.”

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds on the rocks

Insights from parents

Reflecting on their family’s journey, a parent enthusiastically shared, “My daughter really enjoyed the community and the people she was living with. She always had a great experience of city life, especially in Marsalforn. The food was consistently good.”

Another parent offered a piece of advice for prospective parents and students: “The biggest thing I would say is to explore and learn about Queen Mary, Malta. Approach the university and ask for information because it can be unnerving to think about moving to Malta. Parents are more than willing to share our experiences too, and there’s a wealth of information available. So, I would recommend to any prospective student considering it to reach out.”

“What do students like most about Queen Mary, Malta? It is the sense of space, that they can breathe.”

Amelia Campbell-Reynolds loves Kinder Bueno
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds at Cup Cake

Still not convinced?

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