Discover Queen Mary, Malta Campus with Harri Tatnell 

See the sights and sounds of Queen Mary, Malta Campus

Harri Tatnell is an expert on all things admissions at Queen Mary, Malta Campus and can usually be found in his office talking to students ⁠— it’s what he loves most about his job. When he’s not sharing his love for Malta, he can be found strolling around the harbor to clear his mind after a busy day. For Harri, there is no better place in the world than Malta for studying medicine.

Meet Harri

Harri is passionate about the university experience, so much so that he pursued a career in the admissions and marketing to ensure more people get a shot at higher education. This is why he prefers one place on campus above the rest.

‘You’ll be surprised to find out that my favourite place is my office,’ says Harri. ‘It’s where I have the opportunity to interact with students, answer their questions and tell them all about Malta and the amazing opportunities they have while studying medicine at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.’

Harri’s other passion is food. When it comes to getting a bite to eat between classes, Harri recommends trying the Maltese pastizzi, a traditional savoury pastry that comes filled with either peas or ricotta cheese. He says they are a cheap, filling, and a perfect snack.

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds on the rocks

Gozo’s great outdoors

Harri is also an outdoor enthusiast and likes to take walks in the evenings to clear his mind after a long day, pointing out that Gozo is known for its scenic trails and cliffside walks.

When on campus, Harri suggests visiting Mgarr ix Xini, a beautiful, secluded cove that’s easy to reach from the main road. ‘It’s a great place to sit, relax, have some lunch, and continue your walk,’ he says.

If you’re looking for a place that offers both a fantastic university experience and a beautiful island to explore, then Queen Mary, Malta Campus is the perfect place for you, says Harri. From the moment you arrive, everyone from the staff to the local people are ready to make you feel welcome and love your time in Gozo.

“Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a remarkable university in an inviting, idyllic country.

Mgarr ix ini, a secluded cove near campus
Maltese Pastizzi by the bay

Still not convinced?

Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a global leading university with highly qualified lecturers. Do not leave it too long, our course is regularly oversubscribed. Register your interest at the earliest opportunity.