Your first day as a medical student in Gozo

What to expect when you arrive on the island


You’ve done everything to prepare and now all that is left is to jet over to Gozo and settle into your new life. Understandably, you’re curious about your first few days, so we’re here to demystify the process. Within a week, you’ll feel like part of the furniture.

1. The airport meet and greet

For the first two days of the term, staff will be based at the airport, ready to provide transfer services throughout the island, including Queen Mary, Malta Campus, your new residence, or elsewhere. The meet and greet service will answer any questions you have about the University and the local areas. Make sure to get to know your fellow students on the bus.

2. The induction

On induction day, students are asked to arrive promptly at 9am and are greeted with a warm welcome and a specially prepared goodie bag. This includes pamphlets, stationary, notebooks and other important documents. Induction day is to ensure you have all the necessary information to make a successful start to your academic journey.


A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.
Two girls graduating in the sunshine.

3. Get your access cards

One of the first things you’ll do on induction day is receive your Campus and Anatomy Centre access cards. These cards allow you to access various parts of the university while providing security.

4. Tour the facilities

Next is a campus tour known at ‘The Circuit.’ During the tour, you’ll be shown the library, computer labs, lecture halls, and other important buildings at Queen Mary, Malta. You’ll also learn about the University resources, including the writing centre, counselling services, and other support services.

5. Welcome talks

Welcome talks are held for new students to provide an overview of the academic programme and university policies. You’ll also meet key faculty members and academic advisors.

6. Secure your Student ID

You’ll also receive your Student ID Card. The card will give you access to various resources, including the library, computer labs, and other facilities on campus. You’ll also learn how to use the printers and how the printing system works. Your Student ID card is a good way to show your affiliation with Queen Mary, Malta, allowing you to access student discounts.

A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.
Two girls graduating in the sunshine.

7. Residency

During your first few days, you’ll be given a residency application, which you’ll need to fill out at the earliest opportunity. Remember to bring your student tuition fee receipts as they are required for residency applications. The residency application can take some time, so it’s essential to start it as soon as possible. Read on for more.

8. The workshop

In the second week, staff hold a workshop to help students through any issues when onboarding, including the residency application. During the workshop, we set up a PC lab where students can drop in and ask questions. We provide one-on-one assistance to those who want to apply for residency online. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the application process, including legal requirements and important deadlines.

9. Troubleshooting

We will provide you with contact details for academic advisors, IT support, and other staff members, who will be readily available to help you with any issues you may encounter. You will have already been invited to a student WhatsApp group through the BLSA student union, a great way to get to know your future classmates and discuss issues.

10. Get to know the student office

You will receive communications from the student office, including occupational health appointments, timetables, when and where to report, and the induction timetable. The student office is for most administrative issues, including registration, tuition fees, and other important matters.

A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.