How to find student accommodation in Malta

Private rentals, finding flatmates and getting settled in Malta

Gozo has a lot of great accommodation options for students. If you like beautiful architecture and a short commute, Gozo’s unofficial capital, Victoria, is a good choice for you. For those who think the most appealing thing about living on an island is the coastline, there are many popular seaside towns like Marsalforn. Whatever your preference, Queen Mary, Malta Campus will be here to help you throughout.

“Students have lots of properties to choose from across the island, be it studio apartments in the heart of Vitoria, bigger shared apartments dotted outside the city, or spaces in the various villages and towns,” says Elaine Galea, Admissions, Marketing and Student Recruitment Manager. “There are properties to suit all tastes and budgets.”

The residency team will be available to support students throughout their journey, answering questions, putting you in touch with those with similar tastes and needs, including those who are already enrolled and have available space.

Where to live in Gozo?
For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting Gozo, let’s quickly recap. At a mere 67 km² in size, Gozo is a small island. You can get from one end to the other in half an hour, meaning all 14 of its towns and cities are worthy of your attention. Due to the short commute and proximity to campus, most of our students live in Victoria, but we have students across the island.

Getting the right information
Once you have your formal offer, you will receive an email from our student experience manager, who will be your go-to for all things accommodation. We have also partnered with our student union, BSLA Malta, to connect you with like-minded students. Before term starts, you will be invited to a WhatsApp group where you can get to know fellow students and buddy up on accommodation and share information.

“I live in a studio by myself in Victoria, but most students live in a larger apartment with a friend. There are loads of options in Victoria. You always end up seeing and bumping into other Barts students since we’re all over Victoria.”
Joie Ghobrial, second-year student

Who you’ll live with
The WhatsApp group is available to students throughout their time at the University. Many first-year students will be looking to join forces, but older students may also be looking to invite new tenants. We’ve had great success placing students through the group and it is an active community throughout the year.

What’s the accommodation like in Gozo?
Most students live in apartments, which come in all shapes and sizes. Key features to look out for include open-plan living areas, modern kitchens, balconies, terraces, a pool, cleaning services or in-building support.

What about university accommodation?
Unfortunately, we do not offer halls of residence. We’re still a young, growing university and are working towards this in future. For now, we have lots of happy students in rental accommodation.

“Before coming to Gozo, students speak and decide who to live with. By second year, you’ll live with the friends you make that year. I love my current setup, with friends upstairs and downstairs. In Victoria, everyone lives really close.”
Avana Patel, second-year student

When to begin your search
It’s best to start looking for student accommodation as early as possible. Some students start looking as early as October, giving them ample time to research your options, compare prices, and make an informed decision about where to live. However, three to six months before you move is fine.

Public transport widens your net
Getting around Gozo is incredibly easy with the reliable and affordable public bus service that connects all the major towns and villages on the island. Ridesharing is also available through Bolt, a great option from group travel. Even better, if you have the Tallinga card, you can travel for free on all Malta Public Transport buses.

A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.

“While I don’t know many people who live outside Victoria, I’ve met a few that really enjoy it. It’s usually when they want a much bigger house, have a car, or like to be away from the hustle and bustle.”
Jolie Ghobrial, second-year student

Two girls graduating in the sunshine.

Using social networks and online sites
Housing websites are a great tool for finding rental properties. While we’re unable to recommend any directly, there are options that cater specifically to students, connecting you with estate agents and landlords. A simple Google search will see you right.

Social networks are another good tool for finding accommodation in Gozo. Some of these groups are private, but once you’re a member, you can browse through the posts and find suitable options. Search for #GozoAccommodation or #MaltaStudentHousing for posts.

Please be cautious throughout this process, as you would with anything involving money. Always make sure to check the terms and conditions. Remember, the aforementioned WhatsApp group and student experience officer will be able to answer your questions.

Let’s recap
With these tips and advice, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect place to call home during your time studying at Queen Mary, Malta Campus in Gozo. So, do your research, use online resources, consider using agents, connect with your fellow students through WhatsApp – and know that we’re always here to assist and answer your questions.