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Finding a home from home

Settling into a new country for university can be daunting. Sonia has embraced the role of a guide in her living space to show real student housing in Gozo, Malta and offers practical insights into what new students might expect when they come to study in Malta. 

Location, location, location

While moving abroad, especially for the first time is always exciting, there is no shortage of challenges that arise. Accommodation is no exception as the first step in the experience. Having a cozy home to return to after a long day is what makes university life easier, especially in a demanding career like medicine.

The Queen Mary, Malta campus is located in Victoria(Rabat), Gozo, which is Malta’s sister island. Hence, most students prefer choosing accommodation in Victoria. The lively city is filled with small shopping malls, cafés, and multiple grocery stores scattered around as well. A walk to any part of town would take no more than 15 minutes, accentuating its accessibility by foot. However, the bus stop is never too far either. A student tallinja card allows free rides around Gozo and Malta. However, after 11 pm, cab services such as Bolt, eCabs, and Uber are never in shortage. 

“Overall, I find living in Victoria a pleasant experience comprising of plenty of sunny days, safety and helpful locals who make Gozo the perfect spot for a new student.”

My Student Sanctuary Near Campus

The biggest advantage to living in Victoria is its proximity to the university. Although renting costs are on average higher in Victoria compared to other neighbouring towns such as Fontana and Xewkija, convenience makes up for it. From my apartment in Victoria, it takes me 6 to 8 minutes to walk to university. I rent a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with an ensuite. The rent is €675 per month for the apartment with a separate water and electricity bill generated every 2 to 3 months. There is also a maintenance fee paid yearly of approximately €80 for lift services and cleaning of the common areas. However, this depends on the apartment block.

This is the second apartment I’ve rented in Gozo in the last 3 years. There are plenty of agencies that help students find options, and certain agencies are on the Student and Staff Discount Scheme, giving students a 50% discount on agency fees (which is usually half of the first month’s rent). Another option is browsing through Facebook Marketplace or joining renting groups on Facebook which makes it easier to communicate directly to owners who want to let.

I share my apartment with a roommate who I’ve lived with since the start of medical school. We met on a student WhatsApp group before arriving in Malta and decided over a coffee in our city that we would find accommodation together. However many students decide to rent studio apartments or stay with 3 to 4 of their colleagues.

Overall, I find living in Victoria a pleasant experience comprising of plenty of sunny days, safety and helpful locals who make Gozo the perfect spot for a new student.

Sonja and friend
Medical student Sonia

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