Through the Years – Phase I

Meet Hamza

Hamza is a second-year medical student at Queen Mary, Malta Campus. He is sharing a peek into his first two years – Phase I of the course – of studying medicine in Gozo, Malta. 

Arriving in Malta

Upon arriving at Queen Mary University of London in Malta, my expectations were met with a picturesque landscape, outstanding facilities, and a plethora of activities across the island. Choosing Queen Mary, Malta was driven by my preference for the Mediterranean lifestyle, offering the opportunity to enjoy the beach nearly year-round, a stark contrast to the gloomy atmosphere of London. However, what pleasantly surprised me was the warmth and friendliness of everyone on campus, fostering close connections across various year groups. Many of my closest friends now span both older and younger cohorts, a bond likely forged by the shared experience of being away from home in an entirely new environment and living within a 15-minute walking distance from each other.

Students swimming at Blue Lagoon, Comino
Students enjoying a night out

Discovering the Maltese Islands

Gozo, the island where the university is located, has become a haven for my favourite activities, including beach outings, boat parties, evenings spent with friends at St. George’s Square, and engaging in football matches on a beautiful 8-a-side pitch. The university’s growth has brought about a surge in societies, each contributing its unique events. For instance, participating in a Diwali dance, an activity I hadn’t considered before, turned out to be an unforgettable night of enjoyment. However, when the desire to explore beyond the island arises, we often spend our days in mainland Malta, discovering new beaches, cities, and towns.

The academic side of Phase I

In terms of academics, I am genuinely convinced that the quality of teaching surpasses that of London. The smaller class sizes, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, translate into more focused practicals and clinical skills sessions.

The close proximity of the university to my apartment, merely a 1-minute walk away, proves to be advantageous during exam seasons due to the extended opening hours. I also believe that Year 1 starting off with a “Fundamentals of Medicine” module, before entering the system-based modules is crucial to ensure everyone starts off with the same building blocks, so no one feels stressed about what previous education they have.

Overall, studying in Malta provides an opportunity for a well-rounded lifestyle, balancing the escape from the bustling streets of larger cities like London with moments of relaxation on the beach, productive study sessions in the library, and the formation of lasting friendships throughout the academic journey.

Hamza and Mina at the Anatomy Centre

“Overall, studying in Malta provide an opportunity for a well-rounded lifestyle.”

Hamza and his friends looking at a laptop
Hamza and his friends in a PBL room
Hamza at the Clinical Skills Suite

Still not convinced?

Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a global leading university with highly qualified lecturers. Do not leave it too long, our course is regularly oversubscribed. Register your interest at the earliest opportunity.