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Whether you fancy learning how to freedive, or just want to dine out at one of Gozo’s top restaurants, enjoying student life in Gozo is that little bit sweeter when you get a discount. Enter the Queen Mary, Malta student card.

The student discount scheme was developed by Kynan Dudney-Long, MBBS Assessments and Student Selected Components Manager Malta  at Queen Mary University, who is currently working hard to bring the student card into the real world, “We just released a new app that will display our discount scheme for all students and staff in one place, will be updated regularly, and provide location-based deals,” he explains. “It’s a more user-friendly experience for discovering deals.”

Here are some of his favourite discounts:

Gozo’s sedimentary rock formations are a geological marvel best viewed from the sea at high speeds. Experience the thrill of this stunning backdrop with a visit to Xlendi Watersports, which offers jet skiing, wakeboarding, boat trips, and more. You probably won’t be thinking about the 10% discount while white-water sprays from the bow of your jet ski, but every little counts. Student discounts are only available with prior bookings.

Country Terrace is one of Gozo’s best-known restaurants and the only place on the island where you can see Mgarr Harbour, Fort Cambrey and the three sister islands, Kemmuna, Kemmunett and Malta. We recommend going for the Lampuki Tartare, a Maltese classic made from raw, diced or finely chopped lampuki fish. With a delicate, mild flavour, it’s a delicious appetiser that really gets to the heart of Maltese cuisine.

Check out our interview with owner Joseph to find out more about his busy life as a restaurateur. You get a 50% discount mid-week and 30% elsewhere.

Coffee shop Cup Cake is student Amelia Campbell-Reynold’s favourite place to hang out. She says, “It’s a brilliant restaurant to go with your friends on a Sunday.” Their Kinder Bueno pancakes is the best thing on the menu – with each bite a melt-in-the-mouth bonanza of creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer. You can watch her visit Cup Cake for a 15% discount here.

Amelia Campbell-Reynolds loves Kinder Bueno

Pistacchio, cioccolato, stracciatella – you don’t just get ice cream at Vanilla+, you get authentic Italian ice cream. And all the typical smoothies, milkshakes, cones, scoops, splits have a vegan option. Oh, and they deliver, but we haven’t quite decided if ice cream to your door is a good thing or not. Expect a 10% discount.

For St Patrick’s Day, coffee shop Noble served up a beer-battered chicken thigh burger with Guinness-infused mayo and baby spinach. That’s the thing about Noble – the menu is ever-changing. With a 10% student discount that runs throughout the year, you can easily enjoy a coffee or tea while pouring over the books. It even has a wood-fire oven for authentic pizza.

On a boat, with a bow and arrow, from a jet ski, while riding a bike – what better way to discover Gozo than through adventure activities? Gozo Adventures won TripAdvisors 2022 Travellers’ Choice Award, so you can explore the island’s stunning scenery while trying out activities like climbing, archery, and hiking knowing that you’re in good hands. Students get €10 off day tours and €5 off half-day tours.

For a truly unique experience, try freediving with Innerdive, founded by Jesper Stechmann, a world champion of the sport who wants to help you discover the magnificence of the oceans. He says there are few better places to learn than Malta, with seas that are full of marine life, exciting wrecks and caves. The star of the show is the Blue Hole at the Azure Window, where you can dive down 7 meters, pass under a rock archway and emerge on the other side. Innerdive offers students 15% off the Discover Freediving course.

There are few better feelings than gliding silently and effortlessly through Gozo’s scenic countryside. No matter how many times you try electric vehicles, it’s a strange feeling being able to hear the bird’s tweet and the grasshopper’s chirp as you rocket along. Tours take you to see Gozo’s major sites, including Fort Chambray, the turquoise waters of Hondoq Bay and views of Comino Island – with a 10% discount for students.

Gozo’s newest and biggest gym, M&P Fitness, led by personal trainers Marc Patton and Pauline Fenech, is the place to get fit. M&P is a three-level Fitness Club in Victoria, Gozo, featuring new equipment, group fitness classes, cool graffiti, and space for CrossFit-style training on the new third floor. A team of 18 professional personal trainers are on hand to kickstart your fitness journey. First two months for the price of one (€30) or 10 weeks for the price of eight.

If you’re planning on exploring the island by car, make sure to book with Mayjo Car Hire, Gozo’s oldest car hire service, founded in 1964. Maybe you need to chauffer your barbeque to the beach along with your friends or a vehicle to carry your camping equipment. You can even drive over to Malta using the ferry. For a 15% discount, use the code bartsmlt when booking online.