Supermarket Sweep

A Student’s Guide to Grocery Shopping in Malta

Queen Mary, Malta medical student Brigette Amanda Coelho takes us on a virtual tour fo her weekly supermarket trip. Join her as she navigates the aisle, dicovering unique flavours and cost-effective gems. 

Exploring the Aisles

Greens, the local supermarket is a short ten-minute walk from the university through the virant, sunny streets of Victoria. Stepping inside, the music immediately catches my attention and pairs perfectly with my weekly shopping time.

First things first – breakfast, to start off my day well. A box of oats for my overnight oat recipes, some granola bars, and of course bananas for the mornings when I have those early clinical rotations.

Next, onto lunch and dinner. Fresh produce is a must, and Malta doesn’t disappoint. The colorful display of fruit and veg is a sight to behold. Bursting with flavour, they find their way into most of my meal preps.

Moving on to the dairy aisle, milk alternatives and dairy options provide for everyone’s needs as in most supermarkets around the world. My favourite is the vanilla almond milk!

Last but not least is my favourite aisle – the international food aisle. Whether you’re craving a Mexican, Chinese or a cheeky Indian, you’ve got it all here. Quick, easy, and healthy meal preps are made easier with these ready-made sauces which are perfect for the student budget.

“Navigating the aisles of a Maltese supermarket isn’t just a shopping trip – it’s a cultural immersion.”

Stretching Your Euros

I think I need to address the student budget since every euro counts. My weekly budget revolves around affordable staples like pasta, rice, chicken breast and frozen mixed vegetables. Malta has a similar cuisine to that of Italy and so the myriad of pasta options are unbelievable!

A cost-saving tip is that local markets and seasonal discounts offer fresh produce and meat at lower prices, so you can stretch your budget further. Always try and buy the supermarket’s own brand items as they are cheaper and of the same quality. Opt for bottled water, which you can get delivered in bulk to your home when ordering online, since it will save you a lot of carrying around. Lastly, use the Greens’ discount card provided by the university!

The best deal? The wines! A bottle of Gozitan wine won’t break the bank and is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends.

In conclusion, navigating the aisles of a Maltese supermarket isn’t just a shopping trip – it’s a cultural immersion. From traditional Maltese delicacies to budget-friendly staples, the supermarket journey reflects the diverse and exciting student life in Malta. I hope this enlightens you a little more on life on the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo. Happy shopping!

Brigette's shopping list
Ftira pizza using local ingredients

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