Staying fit and healthy on a medical degree in Malta

All of Gozo is your gym

As a medical student, Luiza Silva Simoes has a vested interest in keeping bodies healthy, a rule she applies to herself and the clients she trains as a personal trainer. She says fitness is noticeably popular among students at the university. To paint you a picture of staying fit in Gozo, we asked Luiza to share her favourite workout spots from across the island.

Meet Luiza

Luiza, a third-year student originally from Brazil, has always been interested in fitness. At first it was through sports back in her home country but now she has channeled her passion into exercise. One of her top recommendations is M&P Fitness, a trendy gym in Victoria where she trains her clients—it offers a special discount for students.

“There are also two other gyms near the campus, Gaudos and Kinetika, both of which provide student discounts, so they are definitely worth checking out,” she suggests.

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Gozo is a natural gym

Luiza is a big fan of working out outside, saying it’s very easy to stay in shape when you have breathtaking scenery as your backdrop. According to her, few challenges compare to the hill climb in Zebbug, where she used to live. If you’re a fan of invigorating cardio routines in the morning, there’s no better way to start your day, apparently.

Within a 10-minute run, you’ll reach Gozo’s renowned salt pans and the Blue Hole, a natural rock formation that boasts a 16-meter-deep swimming spot. Luiza remarks, “It’s an ideal place to cool off and also perfect for a few laps.”

By embracing everything Gozo has to offer, Luzia says its easy to stay in shape – even while pursuing a challenging medical degree in Malta.

“Everyone is really into fitness at Queen Mary. It’s something to do with the nice weather.”

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Still not convinced?

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