Deciding Between Queen Mary, Malta Campus or London

Why I Chose to Study Medicine at Queen Mary, Malta Over London

What made Jeremy Ng and Poppy Evans turn down university offers in London and opt for Queen Mary, Malta instead? In this article, our students share insights into the factors influencing their decision and discuss whether it ultimately proved to be the right choice.

Poppy in Valletta

Why did you choose Queen Mary, Malta Over London to study medicine?

Poppy: I always presumed I would study in London, but after visiting Queen Mary, Malta, I realised that a small student cohort and more one-to-one teaching, as well as the brand-new facilities, would work better for me. As I was torn between the two choices, I really thought about when else would I be able to live and study abroad for five years, so I went for it. 

Jeremy: My main reason for choosing Queen Mary, Malta, over Queen Mary, London, was the significant difference in tuition fees. The cost of education in Malta is lower than London. Additionally, the gloomy weather in London during my interview visits was a decisive factor. So, I decided on the more favourable climate in Malta.

 How do the cost of living and tuition fees compare to those in London?

Poppy: Living in Malta means I can enjoy myself more without having to worry as much about money. I have a lovely three-bedroom flat that I share with one other person, and I know that we rent it at a much more reasonable price than in London. Rent and groceries are lower and more reasonable in Malta, meaning I can concentrate on enjoying my time on the island.

Jeremy: The cost of living and tuition fees in Malta were not only more economical but also structured in a manner that further benefited my financial situation. Tuition fees in Malta are lower than what you can expect in London. Moreover, the cost of living in Malta, particularly the rental costs, was notably better.

In Malta, rent is charged every month, offering a more budget-friendly approach. This contrasts with London, where I had heard that rent can be more than double the monthly rental costs in Malta, so this contributed to the overall affordability of living in Malta.

Jeremy at Mater Dei Hospital

Was the Maltese culture and lifestyle a draw?

Jeremy: Cultural experiences and lifestyle preferences were not the primary considerations in my initial decision to choose Queen Mary, Malta. However, in hindsight, these aspects have been unexpectedly significant factors in making me feel like I made the right choice.

Malta’s close-knit community and welcoming atmosphere have provided a backdrop for some extraordinary experiences. From speeding on a jet ski to bravely navigating the high seas as a lifeguard, I’ve been able to embrace exciting water sports. Volunteering at a COVID-19 vaccination centre allowed me to actively contribute to the local community during a pivotal time. Additionally, working as a trauma first aider and assisting in the ambulance provided unique medical exposures that have not only enhanced my academic pursuits but also enriched my personal growth.

Moreover, engaging in local activities like gardening and fishing has allowed me to connect with the Maltese way of life on a profound level. Malta has provided me with many experiences, whether it’s water sports, medical engagements, or local pursuits that have combined into an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t have encountered elsewhere.

Poppy: I was drawn to Malta partially due to the different cultural experience compared to London, particularly around the history and culture of the island as well as the amazing diversity among the student body.

An inviting cave in the bright blue sea.

Now that you’re here, did you make the right decision?

Jeremy: I’ve had a wonderful time at Queen Mary, Malta. However, make sure to properly research whether the degree holds any restrictions in your home country. If the country you envision working in waves a green flag to Maltese qualifications, then there are few better places to study.

Poppy: I made the right decision in coming to Malta. I strongly believe that it was an amazing opportunity to study abroad and live in another country while still achieving an excellent London qualification at the end of the course. Furthermore, I believe that more focused and personal teaching (for instance when being able to ask questions in lectures) as well as the support on offer has been more accessible at the Malta campus than what I would have expected in London (mainly due to the differing cohort sizes).

“I made the right decision in coming to Malta. I strongly believe that it was an amazing opportunity to study abroad.