Student life in Malta: My takeaways

Get the inside scoop on student life in Malta


Sophie Gomm had a unique experience as part of Queen Mary, Malta Campus’ founding cohort, helping to establish the course, societies, and lifestyle students know today. Sophie shares her first-hand account of student life in Malta and what others can expect. Short answer: sun, fun, study and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

I always wanted to do medicine

It had been a dream since I was 13. I missed out for my undergraduate degree because I didn’t get the right grade in my chemistry A-level. So, I did my backup choice, Biological Sciences at Leicester, with the intention of applying for medicine once I’d graduated. Now I have a Bachelor’s in Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Surgery. 

I couldn’t have done this without my friends

Two friends who I did my undergrad with were also in the founding cohort at Queen Mary, Malta Campus, but we didn’t know each other had applied at first. I was unsure about making the move, but when we discovered we all had places it firmed up my decision. We were a big support to each other.

I’m glad I found my confidence

As an 18-year-old moving away from home to a completely different country, I think it might have felt like too big a step for me. But for a second degree I knew myself better. It was a totally different experience that helped me grow, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Queen Mary is amazing.

We were a pioneering cohort

They were exceptional circumstances, and our experience was quite different from the norm. We provided a lot of essential changes.

I was the first President of the Campus

I set up different societies, was a course representative for three years and sat on the student staff for four years. That’s something that I never thought I would do. I built up a lot of different skills: managerial, communication, leadership skills, which was a rewarding aspect.

You need resilience to work in the NHS

You need to stand up for yourself. We learned essential skills to become good doctors because of our unique position as the founding cohort. It perhaps wasn’t in the way we were prepared for, but it made us resilient.

The new Head of Clinical Skills Dr Mark Leeming is amazing

He has a great sense of humour and was just such a nice calming presence for everyone during our exams. Him and his team of clinical fellows are all super lovely. They made our clinical skills much, much better.

My favourite place in Gozo was Sanap Cliffs

If I was having a stressful day and wanted to calm my mind, I’d go for a run there. You have a beautiful view of mainland Malta and Comino island. I also loved Mdina in northern Malta: a beautiful, fortified city known as the Silent City.

Studying at Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a unique opportunity

If you’re thinking about living or studying abroad for part of your life this is the perfect opportunity. Getting to get to know a new culture, meet new people and be in a completely different environment than you’re used to is a great experience.

Two medical students taking a photo through an Instagram feed template at their Graduation.

“Being able to transition from studying in the library to revising on the beach was a unique and special experience.”