Cricket and Medicine in Malta: My life as social secretary

Social life as a Maltese student is second to none

When Rishabh Joshi came to Queen Mary, Malta Campus, he didn’t expect to become Social Secretary for the Cricket Society, the first and largest social club at the university. But today, he organises events, cricket matches, quiz nights, pub golf and outings to help students socialise and wind down from their studies. He says Malta has everything a student could ask for.

Meet Rishabh

Rishabh is a tall and gregarious student who came to Queen Mary, Malta because he felt the university offered him something he couldn’t get in the UK.

“One of the things I love about the university is the size of the cohort,” says Rishabh. “With only 250 medical students in the entire university, you just about know everyone. You have those close relationships that you had at school but at more of a prestigious university on a Mediterranean island.”

When he’s not studying, Rishabh has found a passion for cooking and says that the diverse cohort has been a great source of inspiration for trying new dishes. As everyone lives so close, he says it’s easy to have fellow students over for dinner and an evening in.

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A thriving social scene

Rishabh says Malta offers students the best of both worlds. Gozo is quiet island paradise and perfect backdrop to your studies, while in Malta is more cosmopolitan with a livelier pace of life—not bad for a 30-minute ferry ride. Rishabh shares some of his favourite things to do.

‘St George’s Square in Victoria, Gozo—it’s amazing,’ Rishabh says. ‘It’s got four or five restaurants surrounding a beautiful Basilica. Our favourite bar to go to is called Grapes. We love it there and I recommend you definitely try some of the cocktails they have. You can also get the ferry over Malta to Paceville for its vibrant nightlife with clubs and bars.’

If you’re wondering whether you should take the plunge and join us in Malta, Rishabh says it’s a no-brainer. ‘Queen Mary is so much fun. There’s a great opportunity for students to come out and put their own stamp on social activities.’

“One of the things I love about the university is the size of the cohort.”

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Still not convinced?

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