A student’s guide to living in Victoria, Gozo

Get a behind-the-scenes look at life in Gozo’s unofficial capital

When Jolie Ghobrial, second-year student at Queen Mary, Malta Campus, chose to live in Victoria, she did so for a simple reason: it’s close to campus. But now that she’s more familiar with the cobbled streets, classic architecture, lush green spaces, and friendly neighbourhoods, she says she’s found her home away from home. The best part? Everything is close at hand and friends are just a short walk away.

Victoria is tranquil but also vibrant. Wandering through the town’s streets, it’s easy to stumble across a bustling marketplace, a busy café, or some traditional craft shop selling handmade items. There’s a diverse mix of locals and expats. This gives it a cosmopolitan feel. But there’s also a really strong sense of community. The residents always come out to celebrate the many festivals and cultural events. 

I love living in Victoria because it’s easy to get things done. All your necessities are a five to 10-minute walk away. My settling in process was smooth. The city is really simple and quick to adapt to. Victoria makes it so easy for socialising with other students—it couldn’t get simpler than a quick walk.

A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.
Two girls graduating in the sunshine.

My studio apartment is small, but I have it all to myself. It’s smaller than I’m used to back home, but it makes it easier for me to handle house chores, especially as a medical student with a lot of things on my plate. It’s also very central in Victoria, which makes it so easy to meet up with friends, grab groceries, head to the gym, or simply go to campus.

I don’t usually like coffee, but lots of students go to the new Starbucks. The staff are very sweet and accommodating since Victoria is small and they get loads of students. It’s an excellent place to pause and relax. You’ll always see someone you know hitting the books.


The PC lab is my preferred choice for studying. It’s quiet and perfect for notetaking or going through lectures. There are plenty of PCs available, with a projector screen at the front, making it ideal for presentations. Some students prefer to stand while studying, and they make use of the adjustable tables.

The Citadel is the perfect place to unwind in the evening. It’s only a five-minute walk away from the campus and you see students up there all the time. Early morning or late at night it’s always serene and quiet, overlooking the entire city. The church is beautiful, with a long, rich history.


A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.
Two girls graduating in the sunshine.

Cup Cake is the best places for breakfast or brunch. Even better is that it is included in our student discount scheme. The breakfast options are excellent, and the pastries and cakes are delicious. The eggs and avocado, as well as the Nutella cheesecake, are a must-try.

If you’re looking for a taste of Italy in Victoria, look no further than Casa Vostra. It is opposite Duke Mall around 5-10 minutes away from campus. With amazing pizza and a cosy indoor dining area, Casa Vostra is the perfect spot for a casual and delicious lunch. Make sure you try out their hearty spaghetti carbonara, with lots of parmesan.

Villa Rundle is a beautiful garden to escape the streets. It has this beautiful bronze busty of De Soldanis, a Maltese linguist and historian. It is located close to campus and is always decorated for every event and occasion, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. During the festive season, they even host a three-day Christmas market that basically every student will visit. It was a highlight of the season.

St. George’s Square is my go-to place for an evening meal. It’s great on weekends when they have music. There are several joint restaurants where you can sit in one place and order from multiple venues. The ambiance is cosy, and the Italian and Maltese cuisines are divine.

A girl smiles in her graduation gown at Queen Mary, Malta Campus.