Graduation 2023: Looking back on five years of student life

Join the second graduating class of Queen Mary, Malta Campus as they reflect on five years of student life in Malta

When Queen Mary, Malta’s second cohort of students first arrived in Gozo they dreamed of becoming doctors. Now, five years later in 2023, that dream has become a reality. Standing within the historic Citadella at the heart of Gozo, our second graduating class reflect on student life and the invaluable opportunities provided in Malta.

Fun, sun, hurdles and success

During his keynote speech in Gozo’s Citadella, student president Ehsan Gauher addressed his fellow students and the faculty of Queen Mary, Malta Campus. He said that studying medicine in Gozo had proven a unique opportunity.

“It has been great to see how supportive locals have been of us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have trained here,” said Ehsan, who was student president in 2019. “It’s also been great to learn about the history of Gozo and Malta, experience the culture and explore what they have to offer alongside our studies. A truly unique experience.”

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds on the rocks

A state-of-the-art campus

After the ceremony, students and staff continued graduation celebrations at Villa Fiorita, an event space in the town of Marsalforn. Framed by scenic views of Qbajjar bay, Kynan Dudney-Long, student selected components and assessments manager, said one of the biggest boons for students is the modern university campus, opened in 2019 with longevity in mind.

“I think the Malta campus has so many bonuses,” said Kynan. “The luxury of this wonderful facility, which is just second to none, and these students are getting to use this to become doctors and save the lives of people all around the world. It’s just amazing to be a part of.”

Dr Maria Aloysia Abela, associate dean at Queen Mary, Malta added: “The school is extremely well organised, the people here are friendly and very welcoming, and you will find all the help you need because the staff are very supportive. So yes, come to Gozo. Come study with us. We’re going to welcome you.”

The end of an era 

As the sun went down, graduating doctor Soubhagyashree Roy reflected on her time in Malta.

“Today is about closing everything off neatly, saying goodbye to everything and waiting to see all the amazing things they choose to do later. A lot of us have never been out of our countries before coming to Malta. We went through so many challenging situations but look at all of us here. We are happy. We are just overjoyed.”

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour

“Congratulations, so after five years of your hard work, here you are tonight. Tomorrow, you graduate as doctors, and we are so proud.”
Catherine Molyneux, Deputy Dean at Queen Mary, Malta

Amelia Campbell-Reynolds loves Kinder Bueno
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds at Cup Cake

Still not convinced?

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