What I spend in a day as a Malta medical student

A first-year medical student’s perspective

Third-year medical student Tanisha Arora starts each day with a leisurely stroll to Queen Mary, Malta Campus. Resisting the temptation to enter one of the bougie coffee shops that line the streets, she chooses instead to save her daily budget. Instead, Tanisha opts for the wallet-friendly university cafeteria: “it’s just as good and is half the price,” she says.

Mastering budget living in Malta 

For Tanisha, one of the most appealing aspects of life in Malta is the cost of living. “You can’t really put a price on 300 days of sun,” she says.

Her “spacious” two-bedroom apartment, nestled in the heart of Victoria, the capital of Gozo, comes at a modest price of £14 per day (£430 per month).
“Most students just walk to the university campus because it’s all within close proximity,” she says. “It’s free and great exercise. When I have some free time in between lectures, I come to the common room to play a game pool. It’s free as well.”

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds on the rocks

Gastronomy on campus 

Not only does Tanisha love the prices on campus, but she also loves the food. Her preferred choice, a chicken wrap priced at £3, takes the lead, closely followed by her recommendations: the basil tomato pasta, tuna ftira (a traditional Maltese bread), and the delectable vegan stuffed bell pepper curry.

“After lectures, my favourite way to cool off on a hot day is with gelato from Vanilla,” she says. “They have tonnes of flavours and students get a great discount. My favourite milk chocolate gelato for only £1.80.”

Savouring freshness from local stalls

Tanisha’s fondness for budget-conscious choices extends to her selection of fresh produce from local stalls. “The abundance and quality of the produce are unparalleled,” she raves.

Today’s haul of fresh fruits, acquired for just under £4, proves the point. Tanisha emphasises that her average monthly spending remains comfortably within the range of £500 to £600, presenting a compelling contrast to the cost of living in London.

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour

“After lectures, my favourite way to cool off on a hot day is with gelato from Vanilla.”

Amelia Campbell-Reynolds loves Kinder Bueno
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds at Cup Cake

Still not convinced?

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