Life between Malta and Gozo: My clinical year at Queen Mary

Gozo and Malta are two different sides of the same coin

Third-year student Bethan Freestone is in her clinical year, meaning she works half the year in Gozo and the other half in Malta. She loves that Gozo offers a quieter and slower pace of life, giving her plenty of space to concentrate on her studies, but also that she can meet lots of people while in faster-paced island of Malta.

Meet Bethan

When deciding on a career, Bethan realised it had to have a good mix of people and science. “Being a doctor has always been my number one goal,” she explains. “I love making friends, so I needed a job where I get to be social, and science also appeals to a deep part of my brain.

She says she has found what she was looking for studying Medicine at Queen Mary, Malta Campus. 

“I’m in my clinical year, so I get to spend half the year at Gozo at the General Hospital, and the other half in Malta, at Mater Dei,” Bethan explains. It’s great living between the two islands. Malta is a bit more active with bigger cities full of different types of people for me to meet. Gozo is a more traditional Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s calm and serene and just a nice place to hang out and have long conversations.”

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour
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A university like no other

One of Bethan’s favourite things to do is watch the sunset from The Citadel, a medieval fortress next to the University, with her friends. She says they can sit up there for hours and they often chat into the night. When she’s not socialising, Bethan works with students as part of the MESS Society, a group of volunteers that compiles lecture information and gives summary presentations to help younger students get ahead.

“It’s a great way to stay on top of my education and meet students that may have otherwise missed,” she explains.

Enjoying Gozo’s social life

On Fridays, you can often find Bethan and her friends at Front Bar in Gozo, where they immerse themselves in live music performances. She also attends events for the various sports societies, including pub crawls, barbeques and quiz nights.

“Whenever medicine gets a bit much, or whenever we want to have a nice afternoon, we just hop on the bus or rent a moped and travel to the sea to relax or go on hikes,” she says. “In the evenings and on the weekends, we often enjoy going out to the pubs and bars or we travel to Malta and go to the clubs in St Julian’s.”

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour

I love making friends, so I needed a job where I get to be social, and science also appeals to a deep part of my brain.”

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Still not convinced?

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