Around the campfire: our first year as medical students in Malta

Friends for a lifetime and more memories than you can count

One of the best things about studying at Queen Mary, Malta Campus is being surrounded by sandy beaches on all sides. As another academic year comes to an end, we asked first-year students Avana, Nada, Naya, Dan, and Yash to head down to their favorite beach and share their cherished memories from their first year, as well as any unexpected surprises they encountered along the way.

Welcome surprises 

The common theme in their exciting tales was the warm welcome they received from Queen Mary and Malta, owing  to the small cohort and friendly locals. “It’s very easy to make friends here because it’s such a close-knit society; I feel like everybody is eager to talk to one another,” says Nada.

Dan was particularly impressed by the Gozitans. “Something unexpected from the year was how welcoming the locals were. I felt like the people were really friendly, especially considering that you’re coming from your home to someone else’s home. You feel accepted in the culture.”

There is no better time to witness the welcoming nature of the Maltese than during Carnival, held annually in February. For Avana, it was the most enjoyable experience of the year, dancing in the streets with locals, tourists, and fellow students, making it the highlight of her year.

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds on the rocks

A playground for medical students

Another aspect the students loved was how close-knit they had become as a cohort. “There’s an island called Camino Island, which is basically our own private island,” says Naya. “We go there, have a great time, throw parties, go on boat trips, dive, kayak—it’s a way for everyone to hang out.”

For Yash, it was the societies. “There are numerous clubs and societies here. When I first came to Malta, I joined the cricket society, and through that, I was able to make friends easily. We also had social activities planned throughout the year.”

If you’re considering joining us at Queen Mary, Malta Campus, Avana has some advice: “Some people are hesitant to come study here, but I have absolutely no regrets. It was the best decision.”

“You feel accepted in the culture”

Amelia Campbell-Reynolds loves Kinder Bueno
Amelia Campbell-Reynolds at Cup Cake

Still not convinced?

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