A Maltese weekend with a third-year medical student

Weekend Downtime 

Luke Clements is a third-year medical student at Queen Mary, Malta. He is taking us with him and his friends on his first weekend back in Malta after Christmas break.

Student life for a third-year student

Hi, I am Luke. This year I begun hospital placements in both Gozo General Hospital and Mater Dei Hospital. During weekends, I like to sleep, swim and run around the island of Gozo. Some of my favourite places include Surfside, Xlendi Bay and Ramla Beach. Even though Gozo can be especially quiet during the winter, there are many societies to part in and loads of university events happeneing throughout the year. Throughout this blog, I will be sharing what I got up to the first weekend back after Christmas break.


Friday – Social night

Since it was the first Friday back at university after Christmas, my friends and I decided to head over to St George’s Square. This is a hidden area in Victoria, Gozo which has many bars and restaurants. Every Friday, students from university gather at St George’s Square or Saint Julian’s in Malta for a social night.

Every Friday night always feels wholesome sine the university is very small and everyone is close to each otehr. It is great chatting with those in older and younger years, as you can learn from their experiences at med school. We often go bowling and play pool at Lucky Jacks’s, which is just down the road from Saint George’s Square.

Third-year Queen Mary,. Malta medical student Luke Clements
Gozo vistas

Saturday – Run Day

Running in Gozo can be very challenging as there are many hills, but the scenery makes up for it. This Saturday my friend Rory and I decided to go for a run and swim towards Ta’ Cenc cliffs. The views are incredible and it is crazy to think they are only a 15-minute run away from your home.

Swimming in the freezing ocean was not ideal but was an amazing experience. In the Summer there are many bays and beaches around Malta which we visit often for cliff jumping and swimming. The best part about Malta is the sunny weather during winter.

Sunday – Work and chill

On Sunday I usually spend most of my time working, trying to catch up on lectures, or going to the local gym. I find the university campus a great place to study as there are many options for where you can work. For example, PBL rooms are good for quieter work and the library is a great social atmosphere for studying.

After studying for a bit, I decided to go for a walk with my friend Thanush to Ta’ Pinu church. There are loads of interesting churches and buildings scattered throughout Gozo that I love exploring. I spent the evening celebrating Rishi’s birthday with a pint at a nice restaurant in Gozo.

“The  best part about Malta is the sunny weather during winter.”

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