Study medicine in the EU at Queen Mary, Malta Campus

Boarding that plane to Malta is your first step to studying medicine in English in Europe

Are you considering studying medicine but haven’t quite taken the plunge? Once you learn more about a medical degree at Queen Mary, Malta Campus, it’ll seem like a no-brainer.

Our ultramodern facilities and world-leading tutors will give you practical experience and grounding so that you can graduate into a real-world setting with confidence. You’ll study the exact same MBBS course as our students at our campus in London and will be awarded the same UK Medicine MBBS qualification.  And throughout your time at Queen Mary, Malta Campus, you’ll be able to enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Get a glimpse of what it’s like to study medicine in the EU and find out all about our five-year medical degree in less than five minutes.

From departure to doctor

Detailed and first-class medical study with placements in local hospitals? A final year shadowing working doctors to get hands-on experience? This is the format for the next five years if you choose to study medicine at Queen Mary, Malta Campus. The course has three distinct phases, from basic systems to general medicine, specialities, and, finally, preparation for practice.


Year 1 

The main organ systems

The first phase of study focuses on health, taught via modules based on the main organ systems in the human body. For the first nine weeks you’ll study the fundamentals of medicine, then revisit each subject in greater depth, leaving you with a solid grounding in:

1. The function of cells, organs and body systems

2. The effects of illness on people and their families

3. The impact of environmental and social factors on health

Clinical exposure is important, and learning methods extend from lectures and group work to hands on interaction with healthcare professionals The five-year course is split over three phases. Every year you will choose three Student Selected Components (SSCS) – areas that are of particular interest to you.

Year 2

Systems in disease

In the second year you’ll be expanding on everything you learned in year one. The blocks of learning cover subjects such as: cardiorespiratory metabolism – human development Phase one involves much problem-based leaming. This year you spend time together in small groups working to solve problems under tutorial guidance.

A cartoon of a group of medical students gathered around a patient. They are all smiling and clearing enjoying their time studying medicine in the EU.


Year 3 

Clinical attachments

Specialities are learned in Year 3. Students are introduced to clinical medicine through a series of placements in our associated teaching hospitals and community placements in Malta and Gozo. In addition, they regularly return to the medical school for teaching weeks and assessments.

Year 4 

Further attachments

Specialities learned in Year 3 are now under the lens. Our tutors will help you refine these specialities and give you further real-world experience. Much of Year 4 is taken up with further clinical, but this time in the following three areas:

1. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Paediatrics

2. Musculoskeletal, Health Care of Elderly, and Dermatology

3. Psychiatry and Neurology

Year 5 

The home stretch. This is your final year, and it’s dedicated to practice preparation. This means plenty of hospital and community placements, giving you first-hand experience of the working life of a doctor.

Still not convinced?

Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a global leading university with highly qualified lecturers. Do not leave it too long, our course is regularly oversubscribed. Register your interest at the earliest opportunity.