Behind the curtain at Queen Mary, Malta Campus

Equipment, medical simulation dummies and viewing rooms at Queen Mary, Malta Campus


Discover Queen Mary, Malta Campus’ pioneering medical facilities with Dr Marc Leeming, Head of Clinical skills and Communications at the University. Marc showcases the campus, learning facilities and equipment used to simulate a real-world hospital environment and to ensure students feel prepared for life after graduation.

Technical skills

Students are taught many key technical skills that are essential in the hospital setting, for example, the electrocardiogram (ECG). Students learn using a Sim Man, a human-like dummy used to teach medical students how to examine a patient systematically and how to stabilise a patient using an ABCDE approach. Students are asked to respond to the patient’s parameters in real time, whilst the colleagues view them from the room opposite. ‘By the time you leave us you’ll feel quite comfortable dealing with the skill and interpreting the data,’ says Dr Leeming.

A group of medical students looking and learning about the human body.

The clinical skill suite

Queen Mary, Malta Campus has some of the most advanced learning facilities in the world and the clinical skills suite is our crowning achievement.   

‘The clinical skill suite is very bright, it’s very modern and we have all the equipment you could possibly need,’ explains Dr Marc Leeming, Senior Lecturer, Head of Clinical Skills. ‘We teach the process in the lecture theatre, then we bring the students here to learn the practical side of clinical skills. 

‘Once they’ve learned it, we suggest that they teach others how to do the same process and it’s a passing on of knowledge, which we think is rather important. We have higher years who come in and help the earlier years to develop their skills, which is also an ongoing process of learning and sharing learning.’

Still not convinced?

Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a global leading university with highly qualified lecturers. Do not leave it too long, our course is regularly oversubscribed. Register your interest at the earliest opportunity.