Meet the Student Office

Get to know the team that will help you thrive in your studies, social life, and careers.


The Student Office plays a crucial role in supporting students throughout their academic journey. It’s your first port of call for questions and queries, academic materials, additional study sessions, and any other concerns during your time here with us in Malta.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the staff members behind the Student Office who will explain how the department supports you on the path to becoming a doctor. Spoiler: No matter what you need, there will always be someone to lend a helping hand.

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There’s always someone there to help you

Debra Grech is the Year 5 MBBS Curriculum Operations Manager at Queen Mary, Malta. As a former librarian, Debra is no stranger to admin. Her primary goal is to ensure Year 5 meets the high standards laid out by the university, making sure students have everything they need to pass their final exams and move towards a career.

Debra says that the Student Office is a student-facing team that is always available either in person or via email. She wants you to know that the Student Office deals with a variety of issues and that it’s imperative you know that there is always someone to help.

“The Student Office is an integral part of the student’s experience, and the delivery of the curriculum is a large part of our responsibility,” she explains. “Not only do we schedule lectures and organise placements, but we also organise activities such as fresher’s week. We care about the students’ well-being as we understand the stresses that can arise, not only from studying to become a doctor but also from choosing to study abroad.”

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Get started for success

As the Curriculum Administrator at Queen Mary, Malta for Years 1 and 2, Roxanne Bandt is focussed on getting students out of the starting blocks. For Roxanne, one of the most important functions of the Student Office is making sure that students feel that they have a voice.

Roxanne says these three strategies helps empower students in shaping their academic experience, contributing to a positive and inclusive learning environment.


Here’s how the Student Office fosters a sense of inclusion, representation, and engagement:

  • Student representation: The Student Office assists with student elections, helping students form a student council or government that represents the student body—yes, we have two Student Presidents operating in tandem. This elected body can voice concerns, suggestions, and feedback on behalf of students.
  • Feedback mechanisms: The Student Office regularly sends out surveys and feedback forms to collect opinions and suggestions from students. This provides a structured, confidential way for students to express their thoughts on various aspects of their academic experience.
  • Regular communication: By providing regular newsletters or updates, we keep students informed about decisions, changes, and ongoing initiatives. This transparency helps build trust and keeps students engaged.

Helping you conquer the curriculum

Kynan Dudney-Long, the MBBS Student Selected Components & Assessments Manager at Queen Mary, Malta. He has been with the university since 2019, watching as the first two graduating cohorts of students flourished into young doctors as they embark on their journey in the hospitals saving lives. 

Kynan is also the leading mind behind the university’s student discount scheme, recently launching a new app. If you have a suggestion on a new deal when you’re exploring Malta, he is happy to pursue adding it to the app on your behalf.

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“The Student Office will help you overcome any challenges that arise with the curriculum,” he says. “We work hard to support the academic team in delivering all materials and resources you need. We also work closely with all clinical supervisors to ensure your smooth transition between learning in the classroom to learning on the hospital wards.”

Putting you on the path to career success

The Student Office will begin preparing you for the world of work from the moment you start the course.

“While the first two years are more lecture-based, the experience students get while on placement is vital for preparing them for their careers,” Debra explains. “The Student Office organises student placements in a variety of fields so you can gain the practical knowledge you need to be successful doctors. Across all years, we send frequent reminders and emails to ensure you know what opportunities are approaching and how to stay on top of studies.”

From the fourth year, the Student Office begins will help you apply to the UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) and in getting provisional registration with the General Medical Council (GMC).

Our goal is to ensure you become the best doctor you can be.