How to ace your Malta medical degree entry interview

A teaching fellow’s tips for getting into Queen Mary, Malta Campus

Pass the entry interview and the doors of Queen Mary, Malta Campus will open for you. Hussain Al-Jabir, a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the University, has served on countless interview panels, guiding students through the process and assessing their potential to become doctors. Here, he shares his top tips for passing the entry interview.

Hussain’s tips for passing the interview

I’ve always said that the Queen Mary, Malta interview is the gateway to the NHS. So, I have to ask myself, do I want this person to be my doctor? That’s a significant responsibility. When assessing candidates, I’m looking for someone who has researched the course, understands why they want it, what we offer here, how our course is structured, and what’s special about our spiral curriculum.

You should have an awareness of the realities of medicine, both the good and the bad. Medicine can be challenging at times. Doctors are not superheroes and cannot cure everything. We help people through disease processes, discuss their symptoms with them, arrive at diagnoses, and work with the patient to create a management plan. The stronger candidates are those who are aware of both the positive and negative aspects of medicine and still want to join us.

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The interview is a 20-minute panel interview conducted by two to three people. Typically, the panel consists of a scientist, academic, clinician, and lay observer. We start with basic questions and then delve deeper into why you want to be a doctor. You will also receive an ethical scenario in advance, addressing a topical medical issue currently in the media. We expect candidates to prepare thoughts on this scenario and will ask related questions.

We want students to demonstrate their motivations for becoming doctors. If you have volunteered at a care home or a similar setting, consider what you learned from the experience. Reflect on your observations of how doctors and medical teams operate. Based on that, explain why medicine is the right path for you.

All our questions are straightforward and intended to assess the candidate’s enthusiasm and commitment to medicine. If you genuinely aspire to be a doctor, the questions won’t be challenging. We try to make the interview process fun, because that’s what it’s like studying at Queen Mary, Malta Campus. 

Practice, practice, practice. Conduct mock interviews with a friend or a school advisor, and ensure you get a good night’s sleep before the interview. Wake up with a smile, be confident, enthusiastic, and demonstrate your genuine desire to be part of Queen Mary, Malta Campus. We are a welcoming community, so if you can show us your passion for medicine, we trust that you’ll do well.

Harri enjoying the views by the harbour

“Studying in Malta is great — but be sure that living and working in a foreign country is for you.”

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Still not convinced?

Queen Mary, Malta Campus is a global leading university with highly qualified lecturers. Do not leave it too long, our course is regularly oversubscribed. Register your interest at the earliest opportunity.