First Week on Campus

What to expect from Freshers’ Week

Second-year student Niya Jowahir took to the campus grounds, engaging with fellow students to share their thoughts and experiences from Freshers’ Week. Eager to capture the vibrant energy and diverse perspectives of the student body, Niya asked newcomers how their first week on campus had unfolded. From the excitement of new friendships to the challenges of settling into university life, Niya’s conversations paint a vivid picture of the start of a new academic journey at Queen Mary, Malta Campus. 

From Canada to Gozo: My Welcoming Freshers’ Week Experience

Freshers’ week was such an amazing experience overall! It allowed me to get more well-acquainted with my peers and professors all while exploring Gozo. The atmosphere was really positive when I first arrived which was such a relief given I had moved halfway across the world to come here from Canada. Everyone at the school and Gozo in general were so warm and welcoming. You really feel like you are valued and supported as an individual and not just a number in a sea of a couple hundred students.  This definitely helped me feel less nervous about being in a brand-new environment.


“You really feel like you are valued and supported as an individual and not just a number in a sea of a couple hundred students. ”

Sunshine, Fun, and Friends: A Freshers’ Week to Remember in Gozo

The campus is also very modern and easy to navigate which is fantastic as I am someone who easily gets lost. The freshers’ week events were also SO fun and nothing like I had ever experienced in high school or at my past university. The beach day and bowling night at Lucky Jacks were definitely my favourites and I made friends there that I have become so close with throughout this year. I am not a drinker or a major partier so I was really pleased that they still had a lot of events that catered to my preferences. There was definitely something for everyone to enjoy during Freshers! 

I was also pleasantly surprised at how amazing the weather was here! It truly is sunny and warm like 90% of the time which allows you to be active outside throughout the whole year. I genuinely couldn’t be happier living here and I’m so glad I’ve made such amazing friends I hope to keep for a lifetime.


A Transformative Start

Freshers’ Week in Gozo has proven to be truly transformative for our incoming students. They have seamlessly navigated our modern campus, fostering new friendships and forging connections during the Freshers’ events. Each experience has contributed to their sense of belonging in our vibrant community, which celebrates diversity and individuality through a variety of engaging activities. As we reflect on their remarkable start, we invite you to explore more about Queen Mary, Malta’s enriching learning environment. 

Still not convinced?

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