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This is your hub for all things Queen Mary, Malta Campus, where you get all the benefits of studying medicine in London combined with the beauty of a Mediterranean lifestyle. Discover what it’s like to study medicine in Europe, find out more about our professors and get the inside scoop on life in Malta.


What’s life really like in Malta?

Friendly locals, exciting adventures and a campus where everyone knows your name. There’s more reason than one to study medicine abroad.

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Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep

A Student's Guide to Grocery Shopping in Malta Queen Mary, Malta medical student Brigette Amanda Coelho takes us on a virtual tour fo her weekly supermarket trip. Join her as she navigates the aisle, dicovering unique flavours and cost-effective gems. Exploring the...


Sun, sea, sand and study

Location is all important when you decide to study medicine abroad – and from classic architecture to sandy beaches, Gozo has it all.


World-class learning

From our passionate teachers to state-of-the-art medical facilities, everything has been crafted to ignite passion in the next generation of medical professionals. Did we mention we get more than 300 days sunshine a year? Just another reason why you should study medicine abroad.

First Week on Campus

First Week on Campus

What to expect from Freshers' Week Second-year student Niya Jowahir took to the campus grounds, engaging with fellow students to share their thoughts and experiences from Freshers' Week. Eager to capture the vibrant energy and diverse perspectives of the student...